Image by Alex Mecl

January 18, 2021

Dear Valued Customers,

Developing and applying shipping rules have always been a difficult and critical job for e-commerce businesses. Ocean Fashions Canada is not beyond this challenge. There are several factors that influence the shipping rules, such as, product type, shipping destinations, special packaging (for ceramic mugs, for example) and production partners’ policies. When a business starts to grow with a wide range of products with variable prices, shipping rules may need to update to better fit the fees so that customers pay exactly what it costs for shipping services. We also don’t want our customers to wait for long after they place an order in our online store.


So, we always seek a cheaper shipping option but yet gives a good shipping service (Standard Shipping) within a reasonable timeframe. That said, we have moved from price-based shipping rules to product type-based shipping rules through optimization of product type groups and ungrouping non-print-on-demand products from print-on-demand products. We also considered the fulfillment and shipping rules of our different production partners.

Moreover, effective today, we are offering no shipping fees for multiple-item purchases, meaning customers will be charged just for the first item but no later ones. Also, we are offering all FREE shipping for purchases over US$100!

We have tested our website and found that all the new shipping rules are working. If you notice that new shipping rules are not working on your end from any part of the world, please let us know. We will fix it and you won’t be charged extra for any IT related issues. 


Happy shopping!

(Note: Ocean Fashions Canada reserves the right to change this offer anytime without prior notice.)